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Country: Worldwide | Year: 2020 - in progress

FACING THE LOCKDOWN is a photographic documentary about the direct and indirect consequences of the coronavirus: Personal portraits and stories from all over the world of families that are dealing with the issue, each in their own way.

We can't leave our houses during the lockdown so the photos are made with video calls. A professional camera is pointed at my smartphone so that it frames both the people and the smartphone itself (including rough pixels, bad internet connection and scratches). It resembles the way that we have to communicate with each other during this pandemic: with the help of technology.

With the help of a toilet paper roll people make an improvised tripod. They place the structure on a chair with some books so we can move it around until the perfect position has been reached. Amazingly, this works very well! I also take a photo of the view out of their window (what do they see during lockdown when looking outside), and a photo of the tripod that they have built.

Everybody gets interviewed by e-mail with exactly the same questions, so they can reply in their own words. Because the questions are always the same, later it will be possible to compare cultures, ages and nationalities.

This documentary spreads exactly like the virus: through the grapevine. So far, there are over 25 stories from 15 different countries and the project is still growing.

The goal is to get this story published as much as possible to show how the virus affects everybody (also if you are not infected). Eventually, the goal is to make the project profitable so one third of the profit will go to a fund that helps victims of the virus. This is how it will be made possible:

Phase 1: publicity (june 2020 - ...) At this moment, newspapers and online platforms are being contacted to make the project known to people around the world.

Phase 2: expo & book (september 2020 - ...) The photos and interviews are prepared to be shown as a lightweight pop-up exhibition. This will be interesting for companies that want to join helping the victims of the Coronavirus and have a lot of international contacts like the public transport sector. It could also be interesting for hospitals, so they can show how much impact their work made around the world.

All photos, stories, tripods, world maps, graphs and other things collected during the making of the documentary will be bundled either in a photographic book, or as a one-off magazine to give everybody the opportunity to read these beautiful stories from all over the world. One third of the profit of this phase will go to the victims of the Coronavirus.

Phase 3: the aftermath (2021) Some of the stories are so interesting that you might wonder what happened with those people on a long term. In one year, I will ask the people that I have interviewed if their life changed because of the virus and in what kind of way. The most interesting stories I will follow.

Drop me a line at Info@marcelbrons.com.
Or check the project on instagram: instagram.com/facingthelockdown