Rebranding a giant

In 2019 Cooltra started to talk about unifying the brands, consisting out of mother brand Cooltra, and sharing service eCooltra.

After a lot of brainstorm sessions we decided to go for the already well known name Cooltra, and drop eCooltra. 

An agency was hired to create the communication pillars of the brand. After that we created the final concept, logo, and rebranding  in-house.

A versatile logo
The logo resembles the 3 most important assets that can be offered to the customers:

  • the seat, that gives comfort
  • the steer, that gives direction
  • the light, brightening the road ahead  

And a fluorescent green touch, resembling a sustainable ride.

Together these simple elements form our clients travel companion: a scooter (as seen from above).

The new logo comes in a horizontal and vertical version, and is powerful enough to be recognizable without the letters. It can be as small as a favicon, and as big as an airplane….it´s always recognisable. 

Electric blue
Blue forms the soul of our enterprise since the start of the company. Blue resembles the natural elements that we want to preserve. By cranking up the former Cooltra blue to a new saturated version, it becomes alive, expressive and elegant at the same time.

Fluorescent green
We use fluorescent green as a sustainable funky contrast to the electric blue. The small touch of fluor enables us to create fun and awareness within the brand.

Elegant blue
For more flexibility in design, and a formal counterweight to the bright main colours, we chose a dark and elegant blue. It’s used a lot in our B2B section.

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