A photographic journey

With a steady background in design, as well as photography, initially I started to create the new photoshoots for Cooltra myself. My work consisted out of creating the concept, searching locations, and making the photos.

In a later stage, I usually created the overall concept and maintained the supervision during the shoot.
Over here you see a few of the photoshoots that I created during the past years for various businesslines: A tourist summer shoot, anurban shoot for the younger generation, and longterm and B2B promotional shoots.

Creating an iconic photo

Back in 2014 Cooltra´s tourist business line was growing in a high paste. Our product needed a visual language that people could relate to, feeling the joy of driving a scooter while looking to our publicity material. We developed an image that transmitted this spirit: A couple, clearly on a holiday, enjoying the freedom of driving a scooter, flip flops, hands in the air and surrounded by full sun, and clear blue sea.
The horizontal almost architectural lines made it the perfect image when it came to flexibility. From vertical smartphone to an enormous horizontal shop wall….the photo was (and still is) literally used everywhere for more than 7 years!
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