Facing the Lockdown

During the hard Spanish lockdown my wife, daughter and me were forced to stay inside.
But I wanted to know how other people around the world experienced the lockdown. Travelling was not an option, so I build an interactive photo studio at home: I pointed my professional camera on a smartphone and made contact with people into lockdown all around the world through Whatsapp. I video called them, created a portrait, and interviewed them. All from home.
The last question of the interview was always: “Do you know someone else with an interesting story?”. By doing so I managed to randomly interview 34 families around the world. From a rich couple in Jakarta, to a very poor family in the favelas of Brazil.
The project spread itself exactly like the virus: Random.
The project was published in the Dutch national newspaper and reached the famous Fotofestival Naarden, where I got carte blanche to design my own exhibition.
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