Scooter design

How to recognize a scooter on the street when they are all white? Stickers are a big help, but have their limits. So here comes the trick that sets Cooltra a part from the competition up until today:

Coloured side mirrors
Scooters are often parked along each other. finding yours is complicated. The only thing that you see when they’re parked is the one thing that sticks out: the side mirrors. And all of them are always black. So I gave our side mirrors a colourful makeover. All of a sudden the white scooters got an identity. Until today this trick is still the way to find your scooter in the busy streets of Lisbon, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Milan and Barcelona.
2021: rebranding
During the rebranding the logo changed and the sticker design was adjusted. But the basic scooter was still white. In order to make them even more visible than before we created a unique coloured license plate holder. It’s very easy to spot the scooter from behind now, when it’s parked between other scooters.

Our helmets also got an important makeover: They are still blue and green, but the green became fluorescent. It both improved the design and the visibility.
2022: Cooltra NextGen
Nowadays Cooltra has about 17.000 scooters driving around. Finally big enough to order scooters in the brand colour...and what a difference it made!

In the first week of implementation the user count directly incremented.
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