Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité
In 2021 we entered the sharing market in Paris. The market was already quite dense with some important (and French) competitors. As a Spanish, and relatively unknown company, we needed to enter the market with a memorable campaign.

We created the slogan "Liberté, Egalité, Mobilité". It relates to the famous French slogan “Liberte, Mobilite, Fraternite”...a slogan that French and Parisian citizens are proud of.
After investigating various visual expressiones we formalized the tone. The campaign was implemented on- and offline. It successfully created more attention to our new service.
Free smile campaign
Rent a scooter and get a free smile! The free smile campaign was not a conventional campaign with a static slogan. It was meant to give us more flexibility in our publicity material without creating a huge amount of specific photoshoots for all our businessline.
The process
We created a photoshoot of two models in a studio with a blue background. We scripted all the gestures that they needed to make, while imaginairy riding a scooter. But we did NOT make a photo of the scooter. Instead we used handdrawn backgrounds in combination with the portraits to create our material. So the same photoshoot was useful for our various target groups: tourists, students, and professionals.
Evaluating the promotional material. Almost 50% was created with material from the Free smile campaign.
Here are some more examples of online and offline campaigns through the years...
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