Since 2014 I’m working for Cooltra, the biggest scooter rental company in Europe. At this moment Cooltra has about 17.000 scooters for rent in 6 countries, devided over 3 business lines. But when I started my career at Cooltra it wasn’t all that.

During my years working at Cooltra I could grow from a designer towards an Art director with a small but very dedicated team. I took part in growing the company, using design and creativity as an important tool.

Attraction: upgrading the brand to a cool lifestyle product
Innovation: constantly improving the design to stay in a leader position
Simplification: unifying the various brands
Communication: helping to explain the product in an easy manner to investors and clients

Here are some milestones that I reached during my work:



Creating the design department from scratch.



Develop an internal order system with an automatic order platform.



Leading a team of internal and external designers, agencies and providers.


Growth through design

Helping the company to grow through innovation and creative solutions.

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