I am a Dutch photographer and graphical designer, specialized in telling stories through images. I've got a special interest into autonomous photography, further focussed on storytelling through social documentary and urban landscape photography. Mainly i use my photocamera to make stories, but if it's necessary i don't mind to use video, audio, animations and graphics. I like to tell about normal life. To me that's the most special there is.

In 2012 i finished my studies of photographer cum laude at the "Fotovakschool" in Amsterdam with the project "GARAGEDOC". This project is focussing on a small but important piece out of daily Russian life. Garagedoc was published in Dutch newspaper "Trouw". In may 2013 the project was exhibited at the famous Dutch Photofestival Naarden.

In 2013 Garagedoc got a follow-up thanks to a grant from Stichting Anna Cornelis. The follow up is called "KOVJOR" and is also focussing on an interesting aspect from Russian daily life.

The logic result after four interesting, informative and positive trips to Russia is "GRUMPY RUSSIANS", wich is also focussing on a small and unknown (but very important) part of daily Russian life: the smile!

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