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  Garagedoc is a multimedial documentary. Check out the video introduction below and after that scroll ro the right to read the complete story.  

GARAGEDOC has been created in St. Petersburg, Russia. It's a documentary about a piece of pure Russian culture: The numerous garage areas. The documentary tells about today, the past and the future of the areas. It tells about personal stories and political games. The project reflects the big, powerful Russian society on a small scale.

GARAGEDOC is a documentary in development. The project exists from different parts, telling the story all together: photo's, video, exhibitions and social media...every part has it's own task to complete the story. Follow GARAGEDOC to be informed about more news, pictures, interviews and exhibitions in the near future.

GARAGEDOC is a Marcel Brons Photography production.
  18-05-13 - 23-06-13
Expo Fotofestival Naarden

25-11-12 - 22-12-12
Expo Fotogalerie Objectief Enschede

02-04-12 - 06-05-12
Expositie Stadskasteel Zaltbommel

02-02-12 - 01-03-12
Expositie Fotovakschool Amsterdam


  To be informed about Garagedoc and other projectsyou can follow the news in this column. The news is published by FaceBook. You don't need an account for that. But if you have one, and you press the "like" button below, you will be informed automatically and you'll be able to interact.

  The garage areas mean a lot more to the garage owners than only a spot to maintain their cars. This is noticed the best at the demolished garage areas: Between the remainings of the garages you can see a cross section of stuff people kept in their garages.....not only car parts!

There are lots of poor people looking for valuable stuff between the demolished garages, so they can sell it and earn some extra money. After looking at this ritual i decided to do the same: Searching for small personal stuff which shows the garage culture. But because of their history the material was way to valuable to just photograph on the spot between the dirt. So that's why the pictures where taken somewhere else, in front of a clean background; recovering their original value.
  A lot of garages become demolished right now. It causes a lot of stress for the garage owners. Because in some cases the garages are destroyed without refund. Even if the garages are private property.

Interview with Vasiljev Evgeny
Interview with a garage-owner who lost his property: Vasiljev Evgeny. He tells the steps the garage owners took in court. 

Interview with Evgeney Oerban


Interview with Natasha Tverevskaja
"When a woman enters the garage area, it's probably the mistress of one of the garage owners. ...Or a woman who is looking for a fight with her man's mistress!" Those are the words of a garage owner I spoke.

Although the garage community is mostly a man's world, of course you can't take this story very serious. Natasha Tverevskaja proofs this point. Until a few months ago she was the proud owner of a garage at the "Doroga na Turukhtannye Ostrova". She maintained her car over there, but she also maintained contact with other (mostly male) garage owners. Natasha is able to blend into this community perfect, as i noticed during the weekly meetings with garage owners. She was there every time, speaking to everyone. Unfortunately also her garage has been demolished. During the demolition she talked a lot to the press. While searching for news about the garages on YouTube i noticed her on some video's. She looked familiar to me. I realized that I recognized her because she stood on one of my photo's, taken at a meeting for garage owners, somewhere in may 2011. She made me curious for her personal story...what is a woman doing on a garage area. So I decided to search for her and interview her. I found her very quick by the help of garage owner Andrey Yurov.
At first Natasha seemed to be a bit nervous for the camera, but along the way she became very enthusiastic, happy, angry and sometimes emotional when talking about "Her garage". It;s clear she is not happy about the way the government treats the garage owners. Check out Natasja's personal story. She talks about the garages from her own point of view.


Volodia was one of the concierges on the recently demolished area. The spokesman is a buffer between the government and the garage owners
  If you have questions about the story, publications, intervies etc., feel free to drop me a note.  

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  GARAGEDOC was realised because of the people underneath, who gave advise, helped with interviewing, translating, connecting etc.

Andrey Yurov, Olga Yusim, Boris Karpov, Natasha Tverevskaja, Evgeney Oerban, Vasiljev Evgeny, Xenia Popova, Vrienden van St. Petersburg, Jan Lokker, Vladimir, Vadim Gusev, Ruben Schumacher, Jan Scheerder

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