Country: Worldwide | Year: 2020 - ...

In progress
FACING THE LOCKDOWN is a worldwide series of portraits and interviews inside the homes of people that deal with the consequences of the coronavirus. Visiting them is not an option now, most of the people including me (I’m living in Spain) can’t leave their homes. So as a photographer I have to use the technology that we all use now to communicate with each other to make the portraits and interviews: through videocalls. By pointing my professional camera at my telephone, all pixels, scratches and glitches also get captured. It's part of the deal; it resembles how we need to communicate with each other right now. On the other side of the line the portrayed people make their own tripods with a simple toilet paper roll (yes it works perfect!).

As part of the series also these improvised structures are captured as well as the view outside.

I ask each person to help me find someone new with an interesting story. This way the story spreads itself like the virus: through the grapevine.

The main objective is to get more insight and understanding for each others situation at an international level.

DO YOU KNOW AN INTERESTING FAMILY THAT I CAN PHOTOGRAPH OR ARE YOU INTERESTED? Drop me a line at Info@marcelbrons.com. Or check the project on instagram: instagram.com/facingthelockdown